Sale! Cake and Pie Slicer – Kid Friendly!
Cake and Pie Slicer – Kid Friendly!
Item specifics
  • No sharp blades - safe for kids!
  • Easily cut and serve perfect pieces of cake or pie
  • Unique cake tool keeps fingers clean
  • Made of high-quality plastic
  • Reusable and easy to wash
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Sale! Cupcake Core Remover
Cupcake Core Remover
Item specifics
  • Easily make room for your favorite fillings!
  • Simply twist the corer down into center of cupcake. Scalloped guard keeps you from going too far.
  • Pull out the corer from the cupcake - now you have a perfect hole to fill with icing, jam, whipped cream, fruit, or other edibles!
  • Push down the plunger to remove the cupcake core. (Don't discard! Make a cupcake version of donut holes.)
  • Note: Random color
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Sale! Daisy Flower Fondant Cutter
Daisy Flower Fondant Cutter
Item specifics
  • Easily cut out daisy-shaped flowers to decorate cakes and cupcakes.
  • Press into your fondant, marzipan or gum paste.
  • Lift up and use plunger to remove a perfect daisy.
  • Set of 4 fondant cutters.
  • 4 different sizes.
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Sale! Icing Bag Converter for 3-Color Cake Decorating
Icing Bag Converter for 3-Color Cake Decorating
Item specifics
  • Create fun 2- or 3-color designs for your frosting.
  • Interlocking coupler connects up to three decorating bags.
  • Easily change piping tip for different designs with same colors.
  • Note: decorating bags and tips sold separately.
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