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Natural Cat ‘Toothbrush’ & Toy – Catnip Alternative Treat

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Item specifics
  • This 100% natural catnip alternative are actual twigs from the Silvervine plant.
  • Beware: The cat sticks can induce rubbing, running, purring, licking, chewing, rolling around, and other acts of cuteness!
  • Acts as a natural ‘toothbrush’ — nibbling on the twig’s soft bark helps scrub off plaque buildup for healthier teeth. Yay!
  • Helps relieve stress. You know how hard it can be being a cat. After play time with the Silvervine stick, kitty will feel relaxed and calm. Purr-r-r-r.
  • 1 bag of Silvervine cat sticks (Note: quantity will be between 1 and 3 sticks, depending on the thickness of the twigs).


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Not every cat reacts to catnip. If that’s your cat, this Silvervine twig treat may help. It contains compounds that are different from catnip’s active ingredient but with the same euphoric effect. So if your cat turns up its cute little nose to traditional catnip, he might just fall head over tail for Silvervine twigs!

But every cat is different, and reactions will vary. Most kitties love Silvervine and we hope yours will, too. (Tip: Rub the stick between your hands to help release its natural oils before giving it to kitty.)

How to use:

Simply give a Silvervine stick to your cat and let him play with it on his own. Or, hold the stick out to kitty and let her rub and chew on it. You may also have to instigate play by moving the stick around quickly so they’ll want to pounce on it.


Cats need to be at least 6 months old before they will react to Silvervine.

Senior cats (kitties above 7-8 years old) may react mildly towards Silvervine and it may even put them to sleep!

Limit your cat’s access to the Silvervine stick to 30 minutes of play, 2-3 times a week max. Store in an airtight container to maintain freshness. Limiting kitty’s play time with the product will help ensure she won’t get bored of it.

Tip: When stick seems to have lost some potency, shave off some of the surface with a knife.



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